Bateota S.L.

Asesoría/Gestoría, fiscal, laboral y contable.

We are a small professional office with a very personal treatment to our clients. We handle all issues related to taxes, payroll, and business management, in short: - Tax filing - Bookkeeping - Legalization of books - Incorporation of companies - Preparation of payroll and social security - Lawsuits and labor lawsuits.

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The TC questions the Treasury's electronic notification system.

TC opens a scenario to the invalidity of electronic notifications

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Legal essentials when hiring employees: Ensuring a sound employment relationship

Leave no stone unturned in the hiring process. Discover the key legal aspects you need to take into account to establish a solid working relationship and comply with current regulations.

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Key Steps to Creating a Successful Partnership: Expert Advice

Turn your entrepreneurial vision into a solid and prosperous reality by following these fundamental steps recommended by start-up experts

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Key aspects of proper payroll: Ensuring efficient talent management

Building strong and transparent labor relations through proper payroll processing

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